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Generation Z

Born between 1997 and 2010 (from 11 to 24 years old).
In Italy, they are around 9 million; most of them are students, but 1 million are already at work.

They will bring forward the change processes for the post-pandemic New World.


Digital native
They have never known the world without internet; they are expert users of digital, social and virtual.

Sensitivity to the «soft paradigm»
At school, they study the impact of the climate change on the planet and on human health. 
Compared to previous generations, they have a greater awareness of issues that impact their future such as pollution, renewable energy, the fight against waste, etc. 

Information overload
The overload of information leads them to be pragmatic and immediately identify answers; they typically prefer speed to in-depth analysis.

Other targets

Primary and secondary school teachers.
University professors and researchers.

AI, pedagogy, psycology, mathematic, education, arts & culture, robotic scientist and experts.

Visual and audiovisual creatives and artists.
Digital creators, curators, artistic directors.

Media, digital makers, IT professional and users, digital innovation experts.

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